Combo Packs
7inch Muffler/Twin Long Series Resonators - ADR079

Combo Packs -  7inch Muffler/Twin  Long Series Resonators
  • NZ Made!
  • 100% Quality Stainless Steel
  • Patented Spiral Louvre Baffle Technology/ AdrenalinR Perforated Baffle Design
  • 3 Stage Sound Absorption Medium
  • Suitable for High Tuned Street/Race Cars /Yes Rotary's Too!!
  • Double Embossed Case
  • Inlet sizes are 63mm 76mm 89mm for rear mufflers 45mm/51mm/57mm/63mm for resonator range.
  • 3" (76mm)resonator version $849.
  • Pack includes 7"X450mm Rear muffler and a twin pack of Torque chamber resonators.
  • Available in: dumpy, slash or straight tips
  Price from $799

Tip style

Reso inlet

Muffler inlet


Shipping $10 for orders in NZ. All international orders add 33% (minimum $40 NZD shipping charge)

Additional information

Who needs them?

With current law restrictions in New Zealand and constant policing your naturally aspirated or rotary vehicle may be parked up because it’s too loud. With no idea how loud your car is or what you can do to get out driving again we are here to offer a solution.

This pack was specifically designed with rotary and naturally aspirated vehicles in mind. It combines the best of our perforated torque chamber resonators and our louvre baffle rear mufflers resulting in a better performing noise compliant vehicle.

Greater noise reduction

The Torque chamber resonators draw sound out of the exhaust using our own perforated baffle design based on BMW race exhausts and our 3 stage sound absorbtion mediums. The chamber deepens the exhaust note while slightly increasing the back-pressure for a balancing effect on the incoming air/fuel mixture and the exhaust gases leaving the rear, resulting in a better performance.

The Louvre baffle rear muffler absorbs a different noise frequency. It disrupts and disperses soundwaves before they reach the Db meter. This reducing noise across the range significantly! It is common to see over a 10Db drop in noise levels just from fitting this package the AdrenalinR edge!!

Every single muffler we fabricate utilizes our 3 stage sound absorbtion methodology which consists of wrapping the baffle in exhaust grade stainless steel wool, ceramic matting and a layer of tightly woven needlemat fibreglass blanket.

  1. The stainless wool breaks up soundwaves and creates a barrier preventing the packing from breaking up and exiting the rear of the vehicle prolonging the life of each and every muffler.
  2. The ceramic matting absorbs noise and heat preventing the fibreglass turning back to glass.
  3. The needlemat fibreglass blanket acts as the final noise insulator which results in quieter, deeper notes singing from the rear of your vehicle.

Superior construction

Our muffler bodies are embossed which adds significant strength to the muffler, eliminating unwanted resonance to provide an improved tone with a deeper note. The solid construction is more resilient to the rigors of daily use and scrape damage is minimized by our unique mounting strap design.

AdrenalinR Performance Mufflers have spotless consistent welds, we utilize Automated Welding Technology for superior welds.

Customised to suit

We all know that not all vehicles are created equal so we offer a variety of sizes which we can customise to suit your application. Whether it be at the track, strip, oval or getting legal on the road we will have you covered. Our factory is the leading performance muffler manufacturer in the country with all our own in house machinery we offer an extremely quick turnaround time, just ask!