7inch Medium Straight Tip - ADR008

Mufflers -  7inch Medium Straight Tip
  • Huge case length of 450mm, great for muffling higher HP vehicles!
  • NZ Made!
  • 100% Quality Stainless Steel
  • Patented Spiral Louvre Baffle Technology
  • 3 Stage Sound Absorption Medium
  • Suitable for High Tuned Street/Race Cars /Yes Rotary's Too!!
  • Polished Double Embossed Case
  • Lifetime Guarantee!!
  • Inlet sizes are 63mm 76mm 89mm 101mm*
  • Body size 7" X 450mm
*$399 for 4" 101mm option

Add a baffle ring system (race baffle) to any muffler or resonator in the ADRENALINR range. Price $130 find out why


Inlet size



Shipping $10 for orders in NZ. All international orders add 33% (minimum $40 NZD shipping charge)

Additional information


These mufflers are especially suited for performance engines that need more muffling - Rotaries, turbo 4 and 6 cylinders. Compression and boost make noise. The big body size on ADRENLINR 7" series mufflers give you a deep sounding note, and straight through design allows full flow and power. Complete with a strong mounting strap and lifetime warranty!

Spiral Louvre technology

We use SANPRO Industries Patented Spiral Louvre Duct Baffle Design, giving a spiral effect to the exhaust gases as they pass through the muffler. These baffles offer reduced noise levels over the conventional perforated designs. They are particularly effective at reducing neutral throttle drone.

Double embossed

Our muffler bodies are double embossed which adds significant strength to the muffler, eliminating unwanted resonance to provide an improved tone with a deeper note.

Solid construction

The solid construction is more resilient to the rigors of daily use. Scrape damage is minimized by our unique mounting strap design.

Spotless consistent welds

AdrenalinR Performance Mufflers have spotless consistent welds, we utilize Automated Pulse TIG Welding Technology for superior welds. Please note the rolled tip design does not allow for fitting of our removable silencer designs.