4inch Perf Baffle - ADR085

Accessories - 4inch Perf Baffle
  • Available to suit muffler body's 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm
  • Custom sizes available just ask!
  Price from $66



Shipping $10 for orders in NZ. All international orders add 33% (minimum $40 NZD shipping charge)

Additional information

Best design perf on the market

We have just commissioned our own CNC Turret punch machine capable of supplying us with what we think is the best design of perforated sheet on the market.

Better quality construction

Unlike many (surprising large) manufacturers who purchase perf sheet in and then tack weld it into baffles, here at AdrenalinR we find this process unacceptable generating many potential flaws! Here at AdrenalinR we make each baffle as a individual part then roll and seam weld it using our robotic TIG technology. This ensures that you the customer receives the best product possible.

Our punch design is unique and reduces noise significantly over other baffle tube available. Our baffles are made from stainless steel meaning they will not rot out like the competition.

Just sounds and works better

No wonder why, with a great exhaust note and an impressive amount of noise reduction these baffles are supplied to a number of fabricators and race car builders!

Customised to suit

Of course since we control the whole process we can custom make baffles to suit your application from any material. Just ask!