7inch Race with adjustable dumpy tip - ADR087

Mufflers - 7inch Race with adjustable dumpy tip
  • NZ Made!
  • 100% Quality Stainless Steel
  • Race designed perforated Baffle Technology
  • 3 Stage Sound Absorption Medium
  • Suitable for High Tuned Street/Race Cars /Yes Rotary's Too!!
  • Race spec baffle ring internal design
  • Adjustable tip angle
  • Body diameter 7" (180mm)
  • Tip diameter 2.5" or 3"
  • Body length 21" (530mm)
  • Inlet sizes 2", 2.5", 3"
  Price $579

Inlet size


Shipping $10 for orders in NZ. All international orders add 33% (minimum $40 NZD shipping charge)

Additional information

Who needs them?

These mufflers have been developed for use on naturally aspirated rotary track cars specifically, as they are pretty much the hardest things we have encountered in terms of destroying mufflers. The sustained heat and pressure from a sessions racing is difficult to withstand, long term. We developed this muffler specifically for the Pro 7 class which almost all the field now use.

Perforated baffle design

We use the perforated baffle for this muffler over our popular louvre baffle for the outright flow advantage it provides, as it uses a passive baffling system relying on pressure rather than the active system catching the gasses and sound. The result is a deeper sounding note with less restriction and more power from the engine. While flow is increased, sound is still absorbed impressively via baffle port holes and a good hole area ratio. We are able to use such large holes compared to our competitors due to our unique stainless steel wool wrapping system diffusing the gasses and protecting the integrity of the muffler.

Baffle ring race mufflers

We developed this system through trial and error with some of the countries fastest and angriest rotary race cars. It comprises of using a series of stainless steel rings welded to the outside of the baffle, giving edges or shoulders for the stainless steel wool to grab, preventing the intense exhaust pressure from pushing it all down to the end of the muffler. The result? A muffler that can handle more abuse than you can give it!

Adjustable tip

We utilise our great vee band clamp system to make a swivelling dumpy tip on this muffler. This gives the advantage of being able to adjust the tip angle to steer the exhaust gasses (noise) away from pesky sound meters trackside should the need arise.

3 stage sound absorbtion methodology

Every single muffler we fabricate utilizes our 3 stage sound absorbtion methodology which consists of wrapping the baffle in exhaust grade stainless steel wool, ceramic matting and a layer of tightly woven needlemat fibreglass blanket.
The stainless wool breaks up soundwaves and creates a barrier preventing the packing from breaking up and exiting the rear of the vehicle prolonging the life of each and every muffler.
The ceramic matting absorbs noise and heat preventing the fibreglass turning back to glass.
The needlemat fibreglass blanket acts as the final noise insulator which results in quieter, deeper notes singing from the rear of your vehicle. AdrenalinR Performance Mufflers have spotless consistent welds, we utilize Automated Welding Technology for superior welds.
We also provide a twin mount strap system for each end of the large body muffler, which provides scrape protection and also a strong and durable mount eliminating stess cracking around mounts welded to the muffler body.

We can customise to suit you

We all know that not all vehicles are created equal so we offer a variety of sizes which we can customise to suit your application. Whether it be at the track, strip, oval or getting legal on the road we will have you covered. Our factory is the leading performance muffler manufacturer in the country with all our own in house machinery we offer an extremely quick turnaround time, just ask!