Baffle ring Muffler enhancement system

This baffle ring system can be added to any muffler or resonator in the ADRENALINR range

Baffle ring race mufflers

We developed this system through trial and error with some of the countries fastest and angriest race cars. It comprises of using a series of stainless steel rings welded to the outside of the baffle, giving edges or shoulders for the stainless steel wool to grab to as the intense pressure is trying to push it all down to the end of the muffler. The result? A racing muffler that can handle more abuse than you can give it!

Who needs this system?

Anyone who has a modified vehicle that is used on the racetrack will have experienced muffler problems at some point. This system is at the leading edge of muffler design and we are now offering it to everyone with a track or race car that needs this extra protection.