ADRENALINR MUFFLERS is a small engineering business located in the Central Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand. We manufacture premium quality mufflers, making almost every part inhouse. We accompany these with the best quality exhaust components we can find, to offer a complete exhaust service – including full custom exhaust building in our workshop

Packing Materials


3 stage sound barrier

  • Every single muffler we fabricate utilizes our 3 stage sound absorption methodology which consists of machine  wrapping the baffle in 3 layers of premium quality exhaust grade stainless steel wool. This wool is what keeps the heat away from the packing, and is  followed by a layer of 6mm ceramic matting, capable of absorbing up to 900 degrees C.  The remaining body volume is then filled tightly woven needle mat fibreglass blanket, this acts as the final noise insulator which results in a  quieter,    deeper exhaust note
  • The stainless wool breaks up soundwaves and creates a barrier preventing the packing from breaking up and exiting the rear of the vehicle prolonging the life of each and every muffler.
  • The ceramic matting absorbs noise and heat preventing the fibreglass from turning back to glass.
  • The unique machine wrapping process to lay the stainless wool even and tight as possible, is key to the longevity of our mufflers


Louvre baffle

  •            Our most popular baffle design – the louvres catch the gases as they flow past and actively                 drag the soundwaves into the packing material
  •            The spiral cut pattern  spins the exhaust gases which also reduces noise
  •            This provides  effective sound absorbsion  while still offering great exhaust flow.             

  •            A great alternative to cheap unpacked mufflers that bounce sound around inside the muffler

Perforated Baffle design

  • Our perforated baffle design is based on BMW’s race exhausts which is made to decrease resistance for those wanting uninterrupted high flow exhausts for race applications.
  • Benefits of a perforated baffle are increased flow and less interruption to the soundwaves. The result is a cleaner, deeper sound from the muffler.
  • We use this baffle as the base of our race baffle system for the full flow advantage it gives

  • This baffle is great for a deeper tone but is “usually” louder than the louvre baffle. Rotaries can be the exception here – they sound great with the perforated baffle, and its not louder!

Torque Chamber Design

  • These muffler types are specifically designed for rotary, v6s, v8s and any other naturally aspirated vehicles.
  • Note: Chambers are not recommended for highly stressed turbo vehicles, as the varied pressure can produce boost spikes.
  • The chamber deepens the exhaust note while slightly increasing the back-pressure for a balancing effect on the incoming air/fuel mixture and the exhaust gases leaving the vehicle resulting in a better performing vehicle.
  • They can be used in oval mufflers in order to offset the inlet/outlet decreasing the costs spent on bends while enhancing the performance of your vehicle.
  • The chamber is at the rear of the muffler causing a pressure change with the gases still in the baffle
Resonator Torque Chamber

Race baffle Systems

Racing Baffle inside
Racing Baffle

Here we create a muffler much more capable of taking extreme conditions.                                     

The failing of a standard design muffler is when the sustained heat and pressure are enough, the stainless steel wool is pushed down far enough that the louvres or perforations are exposed. After this happens the fibreglass is sucked out from behind the wool, and slowly empties out the muffler.

The ADRENALINR RACE BAFFLE system uses laser cut stainless rings welded around a perforated baffle. This creates a  series of shoulders for the wool  to push against. The result is a high flow, deep sounding muffler that can handle the extreme heat and pressure created by race engines.

This system is unique to ADRENALINR mufflers and yet another way  we can offer the best solution for any application.

We now offer 3 levels of race baffle protection to ensure you have the perfect solution for your highly modified vehicle

We have found this a game changer for the performance vehicle category,



  • This is the original race baffle system. Great for any performance road cars that see a  bit of track use.
  • Machine-wrapped stainless steel wool with 4 layers of protection from the hot exhaust gases.



  • This is the next level of defense for the higher tuned race cars and Rotary road/ track cars.
  • Machine wrapped stainless steel wool with 8 layers of protection from the hot exhaust gases.



  • This is the top level protection ADRENALINR can offer. Suited for the angriest track weapons around.
  • Developed on 2, 3 and 4 rotor race cars and proven to handle the most extreme power and heat we could find Machine wrapped stainless steel wool with a full 2.5kg roll wrapped around the baffle! Approx. 16 layers depending on diameter



As Welded- Means the welds are left as they are, cleaned but not finish polished. 

 The body and caps are usually made from polished sheet




Polished – Means it has been manually polished after welding to achieve a fully polished look

Superior Construction

  • Our muffler bodies are embossed which adds significant strength to the muffler, eliminating unwanted resonance to provide an improved tone with a deeper note. The solid construction is more resilient to the rigors of daily use and scrape damage is minimized by our unique mounting strap design.
  • AdrenalinR Performance Mufflers have spotless consistent welds, we utilize Automated Welding Technology for superior welds.


  • All AdrenalinR mufflers and resonators are covered by a
    Lifetime Guarantee. The lifetime is defined by the lifetime that the original
    muffler Purchaser owns the vehicle with purchased mufflers.

  • Once the vehicle is sold, warranty is Void.

     Warranty Conditions


    • Warranty is only valid
      to the original purchaser of the mufflers
    • Warranty is only valid
      to road legal cars with reg/ WOF.
    • Warranty is not valid to
      vehicles that have been used on the track
    • Mufflers must be
      returned for inspection along with a copy of the invoice
    • Warranty is only valid to purchasers who fill in the online warranty form here
    • Excluded from the guarantee is the fitting of the product
      or any parts used to fit the product. Also excluded is damage by submerging or
      force, i.e. accidents, deliberate destruction or damage caused by improper
      fitting. No claim can be accepted for any type of collateral damage, including
      to third parties.

    • Race baffle mufflers are not covered by Warranty. While the race baffle system  has greatly improved the lifespan of race car mufflers, we do not warranty them for race use. We have several options of race baffle system, and if you experience problems then we recommend you upgrade the race baffle system used. We have a solution for any application!

Customised to suit

  • We all know that not all vehicles are created equal so we offer a variety of sizes which we can customise to suit your application. Whether it be at the track, strip, oval or getting legal on the road we will have you covered. Our factory is the leading performance muffler manufacturer in the country with all our own in house machinery we offer an extremely quick turnaround time, just ask!

These Mufflers are:

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