Chambered Oval

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  • NZ Made!
  • 100% Quality Stainless Steel
  • Patented Spiral Louvre Baffle Technology
  • 3 Stage Sound Absorption Medium
  • Suitable for High Tuned Street/Race Cars /Yes Rotary’s Too!!
  • Polished Double Embossed Case
  • 8 x 5” oval body size  (200 x 125mm)
  • Inlet sizes are 51mm, 57mm, 63mm, 76mm
  • Configured in Offset/offset, Centre/offset, Offset/centre

Add a baffle ring system (race baffle) to any muffler or resonator in the ADRENALINR range. Price $130. Find out why.

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The Chambered oval muffler is a proven option on a range of cars – naturally aspirated fours and sixes are where it excels. The combination of a spiral louvre baffle and rear chamber make it a great muffler for when you need to lose maximum sound while still keeping the flow – vital for maximum power.

Spiral Louvre Technology

We use SANPRO Industries Patented Spiral Louvre Duct Baffle Design, giving a spiral effect to the exhaust gases as they pass through the muffler. These baffles offer reduced noise levels over the conventional perforated designs. They are particularly effective at reducing neutral throttle drone.

Embossed Body

Our muffler bodies are embossed with our ADRENALINR press for assurance of quality,  which adds significant strength to the muffler also eliminating unwanted resonance to provide an improved tone with a deeper note.

Solid Construction

The solid construction is more resilient to the rigours of daily use. Scrape damage is minimized by our low profile body design at  200mm x 125mm oval size

Spotless Consistent Welds

AdrenalinR Performance Mufflers have spotless consistent welds, we utilize Automated Pulse TIG Welding Technology for superior welds.

Body Length

350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm


Offset/offset, offset/center, center/offset

Inlet Size

51mm, 57mm, 63mm, 76mm


Standard, Racing Basic, Racing Premium, Racing Extreme


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