V Band Outer Clamping Ring

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AdrenalinR stocks a full range of the highest quality V band clamps found in New Zealand.


  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Sizes 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″,2.25″, 2.5″, 3″,  3.5″, 4″,
  • Stainless steel thread with antiseize



Clamps have more spot welds also than other clamps, making them much stronger and longer-lasting even on low systems.

We recommend using these on mild steel systems also. They weld in with a standard MIG welder and will never rust, so you can take it apart years later. Not like mild steel V band clamps we have seen.

Creates a strong seal and is able to be rotated 360° when assembling, so no flange holes to align or flange plates to bend during welding

This is the exhaust joint of the future!!

Note this is NOT a full kit, and we cannot be sure if it will fit any other v band sets other than ours.

Inlet Size

1.5 inch, 1.75 inch, 2 inch, 2.25 inch, 2.5 inch, 2.75 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch


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