Torque Chamber – Short body Resonator

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The most effective set of resonators on the market

  • NZ Made!
  • 100% Quality Stainless Steel
  • High flow Perforated tube baffle
  • Suitable for High Tuned Street/Race Cars /Yes Rotary’s Too!!
  • Inlet sizes: 51mm, 57mm, 63mm, 76mm
  • 3″ version (76mm) 4.5″ body  (112mm)
  • Body length: 16″ (400mm) Body diameter: 4″ (100mm)
  • Total

Who needs them?

N/A 4 cylinders – using these resonators on your naturally aspirated 4 cylinder single pipe system will provide a crisp, deep note while removing decibels and taking the harshness from the exhaust note.

Work great when combined with our 6″ muffler series, for a road-legal combination, whilst still maintaining the deep note and full flow system.

Short body version

The short body version is now available for those vehicles that don’t have the space to fit the full length 530mm version. This short body resonator, while not as effective as its big brother is still a very useful addition when trying to improve sound and remove noise.

How it works

The large port perforated baffle provides a deep clean note from the exhaust. The torque chamber at the outlet provides a pressure drop space, causing the next pulse wave of gas to collide with the chamber held gas. This design allows us to maintain a straight-through, full flow system. Backpressure is necessary for all naturally aspirated applications as it promotes the scavenging effect required to produce complete and clean burning of the fuel charge. The torque chamber – combined with the straight-through baffle produces those crisp exhaust notes we all want and helps the engine provide maximum power at the same time.

Lifetime guarantee

These great resonators are built here in NZ, made completely of stainless steel and packed with high-quality exhaust grade stainless steel wool. This provides protection by diffusing the gasses through the wool so the sound absorbing fibres are not pushed through the baffle holes under pressure. We build ’em strong with the best materials, and are so sure of the quality we offer a lifetime warranty!

Inlet Size

45mm, 51mm, 57mm, 63mm, 76mm


Racing Basic, Racing Extreme, Racing Premium, Standard


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