Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, AdrenalinR offer a comprehensive custom muffler service, and will try accommodate your specific requirements. Fast turnaround too! Just email us with a sketch or some measurements.

We know there are loads of options out there for your exhaust requirements –  AdrenalinR offer quality stainless steel exhaust products, and top end New Zealand Made mufflers and resonators.

We have built a solid reputation over the last 15 years in the industry for the very best products on the market, and continue to develop and extend our range to ensure we have the best to offer our customers.

From full on circuit and drift weapons to classic replica mufflers and every thing in between, AdrenalinR will help you find exactly what you need

No. We do all the exhaust parts, but, not the headers.

We recommend using SINCO, NZ made, top quality, 10 years warranty and great value for money.

A “Cat” is a device designed to reduce toxic emissions.

They have  an internal  honeycomb of rare earth materials that, when exposed to the gas, causes a chemical reaction.

Performance enthusiasts don’t use a Cat in their system because they lose power.

More info at (motoring blog).

We think the V-band clamp is a far superior connection. It is 360 degree rotatable, so you don’t have to orientate like a flange. The tube has a square seat to sit that makes the weld easy to fit and square. Also quicker to fit/remove from vehicle. No distortion from welding and cheaper too.

The most sold flexi used for exhaust is the braided flexi. This offers great movement range and durability.

The bellow flexi is for systems with less movement. They can develop fatigue, cracks from movement over time.

The inner liner flexi is the strongest choice for wastegate applications. It allows movement, but very little. It takes  up the expansion and the inner sleeve protects from the extreme heat. The inner sleeve is also the same diameter as the inner tube size of the exhaust for no resistance.

Orders are dispatched Monday to Thursday.

If your item is in stock and purchased in the morning, it will be dispatched in the afternoon.

If we need to make your item, then we still prioritize your purchase and aim for  1-3 working days to have your item dispatched. 

There are a lot of items in the website… All parts available to purchase are in stock.

On occasion we do run out of a particular size of a part, but we mark them out of stock so you can’t purchase it  online.

Mufflers, we have all 6″ and 7″ in stock. Except old school straight and dumpy options.

All Race baffle mufflers and resonators are made to order and are also 1-3 working days.

There are three common methods:

Muffler Strap1. Mount Strap and exhaust hanger. This strap fits around the muffler body and is hung from above. This relies on having sufficient room above and something to fix too.

P10908672. Rubber mount and stainless rod. This is the most common method and uses a rubber mount each side of the muffler with a shape piece of rod (10/12mm) welded across the top of the muffler. This creates a  flexible mounting, which minimizes any cracking and vibration. The position of the weld is crucial to the strength of this technique.


3. This block mount is handy when building an exhaust that is positioned different to original and mount points are not available. Can be bolted to chassis and uses a 10 mm rod hanger that attaches to exhaust.


The body of these mufflers is 1.2 mm. While it’s thicker than most imported mufflers, it can still crack easily around the heat effected zone created by the welding. Therefore the rod should be fitted at the end of the body, close to the outlet tip. On the weld is the strongest place for it. The material is double thickness here due to the end cap being there.

It depends on your engine mounts. If you have standard mounts and extra power, chances are that the torque will flex the motor enough to put strain on the exhaust. Adding heat and repetition, then you will eventually have a cracking problem. Some more solid rubber mounts available will minimize this torque problem. 

AdrenalinR is proudly NZ made. Premium quality stainless and packaging materials. Our factory is located in Waipawa, Central Hawkes’s Bay, 30 minutes from Hastings.

The Short tip is 80 mm long 4.5″ diameter.

The medium tip is 120 mm long 4.5″ diameter.

The long tip is 175 mm long 4.5″ diameter.

The dumpy tip is 90 mm 4.5″ diameter.

The old school straight tip is 180 mm and the tip diameter is same as inlet size.

The old school dumpy tip is 100-150 mm and tip diameter is same as inlet size.

The slash tip is 120 mm long 4.5″ diameter.

The rolled tip is 120 mm long 4.5″ diameter.

Firstly, You can check our page and familiarize yourself with the different options available.

Louvre Generally speaking is our most popular and versatile. It removes drone well, flows well, sounds deep and is very effective at muffling. Sounds good on Hondas, minimizing the tinny sound you get with a straight through system. Sounds  great on V8 and the turbo imports. 

Perforated This system offers slightly more flow, deeper sound and a “clean” note. The gas is less disturbed then a Louvre baffle so is less “fluffy”. Downside it is louder. It is a good solution for race cars and those who like life louder and more uncut. Rotaries in particular benefit from perforated baffles. Nicer sound and cleaner “Rutt” but not much louder.

Race Baffle Race baffles can be either louvre or perforated, and utilize a baffle ring system. More info at 


Yes. Usually a shop will use a MIG Welder to build a mild steel exhaust system. They (or you), can use the same welder and the same mild steel wire to weld on your muffler. You can also use mild steel or stainless steel TIG wire and TIG weld it on. 

Always tricky. If you don’t have a fabricator lined up, We offer a list of distributors around NZ.

They don’t carry a lot, but they know what to order and how to do a tidy job.

Yes, We get this a lot. Here is a basic summary.

Louvre Resonator: For most cars looking to quieten  their system up a bit. Good for removing Drone.

Perforated Resonator: For a deeper sound, doesn’t quieten as much but no restrictions. Good for getting a deeper note from a “fluffy” sounding exhaust note.

Oval: These provide more packing and will absorb more sound than a small round resonator, particularly in the larger inlet sizes. 

Torque Chamber: These are more suited to V8 and rotaries. They give a extra bit of muffling with the rear chamber, adding some resistance through turbulence and creating more pressure. Not ideal for turbo engines, but can be useful with N/A engines looking for good flow. These also have a smaller body diameter (4″) which helps fit them alongside the driveshaft.

Sure! We use all our mufflers and exhaust parts to create beautiful stainless system for modified cars that sound even better they look!

We love to do motorcycle systems also! We have done 1000cc super quads, Rotaries, GTR, through to vintage military vehicles.

AdrenalinR have the experience and attention to detail that performance enthusiasts crave!

Yes, We do mufflers for almost any engine. We have made mufflers for Rockcrushers through to Jet Boats, commercial marine vessels though to go carts, Airplanes to ministocks, Offroader to Kit cars.

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